Easier to Pass Practicals With ACS

Many crane schools or crane training programs now offer NCCCO.

Our differences

Swing and fixed

Cranes at all sites

Our cranes are exclusively for NCCCO testing shorter booms

Easier to pass in a Honda than a semi truck


Many crane training programs now offer NCCCO certification classes. So why choose American Crane School? The answer is clear; we give you everything you need to maximize your chances of passing your NCCCO practical (hands-on) exams! American Crane School’s cranes are used exclusively for NCCCO training & testing and have been carefully selected for their ease of use when it comes time to take your practical test (hands-on exam). Specifically, we hand selected cranes with shorter booms to make it easier to maneuver through the NCCCO test course.


With fixed-cab and swing-cab telescopic crane types available at each site specifically for practical tests, we have exactly what you need in every yard regardless of which location you choose to attend. If you’ve never experienced the difference between maneuvering a load with a boom truck vs. a small carry deck, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.


Think of it this way, would you rather attempt your driving test in a Honda or a semi-truck? The same thing applies here. We use the shortest booms allowable on the smallest cranes to make it easier for you to pass your practical exams. With some of the highest pass rates in the country, we believe we have the winning formula. Talk to one of our enrollment specialists today to learn more about the American Crane School advantage!




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